Workplace mental health is moving further up the corporate agenda and we think that promoting an open culture regarding mental health is a significant opportunity for organisations to improve employee engagement and boost productivity, as well as reduce the financial and human burdens of poor mental health.  The case for investment in employee mental health is strong, with growing evidence showing the potential not only to save money on factors such as staff absence and presenteeism, but to increase profits too.

Wellbeing Mental Health Limited is a professional services firm, combining seasoned business professionals, experienced Clinical Psychologists, Samaritans Listeners, and qualified instructor-facilitators to deliver pragmatic, empirically-based workplace mental health and wellbeing solutions.

Founded in neuroscience, our unique solutions give businesses the practical tools to create higher-functioning, happier workspaces. By helping workplaces to improve their collective mental health, the cumulative effect will undoubtedly be a healthier society at large.