About us

Creating Thriving Workplaces through Transformative, Evidence-based Mental Health Solutions

Wellbeing Mental Health offers a practical way for improved mental wellbeing in the workplace. Combining knowledge of neuroscience and clinical psychology with executive leadership experience, our learning programmes are carefully designed to enhance, protect and support mental health.

We cultivate thriving workplaces by equipping businesses with strategic knowledge and practical resources.


Why engage with Clinical Psychologists?

Consultant Clinical Psychologists are the experts in the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour – how we think, feel, behave and interact individually and in groups. It takes approximately nine years training to qualify as a Clinical Psychologist, and several more years to become a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.  Rooted in sound scientific methodology, clinical psychology examines what makes people tick. Putting this knowledge and understanding into practise can help solve problems at work and in society at large.


Meet our Founders


Dr. Hayley Dare, Clinical Director

Hayley is a Chartered Consultant Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. She has over twenty-five years’ professional experience in both aspects.

For seven years, Hayley was the Clinical Director and Lead Consultant for the West London Mental Health NHS Trust. Her responsibilities included Broadmoor, Rampton and The Orchard – Europe’s largest women’s secure hospital

Gavin Richardson, Managing Director

Gavin has held numerous executive leadership and board level positions in a career of over 30 years. His global industry experience spans from telecommunications, through defence technologies to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Business transformation and innovation leadership have been core fundamentals throughout his career.  Since leaving the large corporate environment in 2012, he has been working in advisory and leadership roles with a range of enterprises including Elenchus Limited, the psychology practice established with Hayley.  Gavin has an MBA and is a Samaritans Trainer and Listening Volunteer. He has a passion for endurance cycling and has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities, including Cyclists Fighting Cancer, Cure Leukaemia and the Samaritans.