What is mental health?

Mental health relates to our psychological, emotional and social wellbeing. Our mental health determines how we think, feel and behave about ourselves, others and the world around us. There are a huge range of aetiological factors which impact both positively and negatively on our mental health. Our mental health determines choices and decisions we make in life; responses to life situations and events; relationships; how we manage and cope with stress; and much, much more.

Dr Hayley Dare, Founder – Wellbeing Mental Health Limited

Mental Health v Physical Health

Throughout our lives, we all experience periods of good and poor mental health. In fact, mental health should be thought of in much the same way as physical health. Just because we can’t ‘see’ mental health problems doesn’t mean they don’t exist or are somehow less important than physical illness or injuries.

At Wellbeing Mental Health, we believe in parity between mental and physical health. We are working to improve peoples’ understanding of mental health, by empowering them to help themselves and others, with proven, clinically-backed solutions.


Mental Health: A Missing Part of the Workplace Productivity Puzzle

As the understanding and awareness of mental health in society continues to grow, so too does the empirical evidence about the link between employee mental health and ‘business health’.

Highlighting the extent of the mental health problems in UK workplaces, ‘The Stevenson-Farmer review of mental health and employers’ (Oct. 2017), states that ‘one in every six employees are currently struggling with poor mental health’, with the majority not thriving or excelling but simply ‘functioning’.


Breaking the Taboo of Mental Health

It is important to stress that mental ill-health is incredibly common, with one in four people suffering each year.  Despite this, there is still much stigma attached to mental illness. This often leads sufferers to become isolated and the effect snowballs. By making conversations about mental health more ‘every day’, we can dilute the stigma and help people to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings.

We aspire to improve the world’s understanding of mental health by helping businesses to build caring, resilient and empowered workplace cultures.